Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Holiday in Tidung Island

continuing my last blog "sama sekali gak nyangka"..

I had an unforgetable holiday..that's really fun :)

on friday morning all of us arrived at Muara Angke..we were waiting for the ship that will drop us to Tidung Island..about 07.00 am the ship was coming and we entering the ship and arrange our comfortable position to seat..

time that we need to reach Tidung Island from Muara Angke is about 3 hours..a bit long time and really maked us bored at the ship..
no music..just view of water water and water..
then we choose to sleep..hoped that it could decrease our boredom..

at 10.00 am we arrived at Tidung crowded in the dock..cause most of the passengers brought the food that will be sold in the market..

then we were moving to our homestay..a simple homestay but that was really make us comfort..
there are 3 bed rooms, 1 resting room, 1 living room, 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 pray room and a bit area for drying the clothe..
it also include a TV, bed, pillow, bolster, kitchen's tools, etc..
feel like home :)

after we were having a rest for a while,, we started our adventure at Tidung Island..
we rented a bicycle for each..then we drive our bicycle to "Love Bridge"..
I don't what's the means of..just hear from other people in there :)

we were walking on that bridge while we took a few picture cause it has an amazing views..
then we arrived at the end of the bridge and we are stopped..
we were disscusing about our adventure..
then we were deciding to go straight a head and leave our becycle in there..

so hot in there and none of us that brought a glass of drinking water..
then we were looking for a small shop that sold drinking water..
not a long time we got it..
all of us grabed the drinking water in hurry..

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