Friday, April 1, 2011

first attack

hello fellas!! I got my first attack after the midtest (though actually I still have one subject left, that is analysis of information system design).

I didn’t get my target’s score of relational database design subject. It’s my second time taking this subject, cause I wanna get better score than before. But unfortunately I got a score that may be that’s not too bad for normal people, but that’s too bad for me. I worthed so much for this subject, buat I got a score that out of my expectation. I don’t understand how to receive that. I’ve study hard for this subject, but I still didn’t got what I want.

Now I just try to receive that, more diligent to study and gain more and more to get better score on final exam and project too. And don’t forget to always pray to God. Because, only God that deciding everything in our life. I’m just a human that only do the best, but the result in God’s hand.

I hope I still can can “A” on the final result.


By the way, how about you guys? how’s your exam?

check it out guys :D

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