Friday, April 1, 2011

Short holiday causing homesick

Yeay! Finally I’ve been finishing my midtest. And it’s time for having fun, at least until tuesday only.

Well. Though we call it Short Holiday, but I love it.
I’ll spend my holiday at my uncle’s house with cute and silly cousins also :D

I’ve been so far from my parent’s house, so I can’t back home whenever I want, like my friends often do. It cause that their house is not as far as me.

Until long holiday is coming, I just can texting and calling my family to decrease my feeling that I really missing them. Sometimes I feel envy with my friends, but I throw away that feelings. Nonsense for being envy with other people. Everyone has their own life and their own way to get living. Maybe it’s my destiny from God. It will make me be maturer and not be a spoiled person anymore :)

How about you guys? Are you in the same situation like me that far from your parents?

check it out guys :D

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