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Johny English Reborn

Johnny English Reborn is a 2011 British spy comedy film parodying the James Bond secret agent genre and film franchise reboots. The film is the sequel to Johnny English (2003), and stars Rowan Atkinson reprising his role as the title character and directed by Oliver Parker. The film has a slightly darker tone than the previous film but retains Atkinson's signature humor.


Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson) is learning martial arts in Tibet as penance for an earlier disastrous mission. MI7 (codenamed Toshiba British Intelligence) identifies him as the best agent for a new mission: stopping a group of international assassins before they kill the Chinese premier and cause global chaos. Now that the world needs him once again, Johnny English returns to his role with confidence. 

In Macau, his Chinese contact is murdered in a casino, but in Hong Kong he confronts Fisher (Richard Schiff), an ex-CIA agent who ultimately reveals that he is a member of 'Vortex', a secret cabal of assassins-for-hire. Fisher is killed by an assassin (Pik-Sen Lim) dressed as a cleaner who then manages to escape, but English manages to chase the killer cleaner's accomplice. English and his sidekick Tucker (Daniel Kaluuya) commandeer a large yacht belonging to an Englishman and his family (most likely patriotic as they admire English and Tucker for being under the employ of MI7), with English using a dart-firing camera to deflate the accomplice's small dinghy. English manages to ultimately confront and incapacitate the killer cleaner's accomplice in a fight at the pier after managing to subdue his backup.

English manages to obtain one of three metal "keys" that, when combined, can be used to unlock an assassination weapon. While bragging to Tucker about the success of his mission on a flight back to the United Kingdom, the key is stolen from its case. Kate Summers (Rosamund Pike), MI7's behavioural psychologist, engages in an "off-hours" session with English, prompting him to recall the previous events of his failed mission in Mozambique (discovered to have been sabotaged by Vortex). He unearths the identity of the second member of Vortex as a result. English sets out again, this time meeting with Karlenko (Mark Ivanir), a Russian agent who is critically wounded by an assassin in front of him on a golf course. English obtains the second key from the Russian and, before he dies, he tells English about a conspiracy in which Vortex's members are discovered to be members of the KGB, CIA and even his beloved MI7.

Simon Ambrose (an MI7 agent) and English dine together, informing him that he knows a mole is present in MI7. Slater gets ready to gun down English, until it is discovered that English is actually unaware of the mole's identity.

Tucker confronts Ambrose in the bathroom stalls at gunpoint, discovering Ambrose is the mole, until English orders him to leave. English, unaware that Ambrose is the mole, hands Ambrose the key, as the two converse outside the restaurant, with Ambrose tricking English into believing that fellow agent and inventor Patch Quartermain is the traitor, deluding him into thinking that Quartermain has always despised English. After the latter departs, Ambrose tells MI7 that English is the traitor.

English confronts Quartermain the following day in a London church building, as it is discovered that Johnny has been framed as the traitor. Surviving an assassination attempt courtesy of MI7 assassins positioned within the building, English manages to hide from the MI7 gunmen and escapes MI7's clutches on Patch's hi-tech wheelchair. An intense vehicle chase that soon ensues ultimately results in English managing to lose the tail from his MI7 pursuers.

He goes to Kate's house and convinces her that he is not the traitor and that the organisation Vortex is behind the assassination and that they were also in Mozambique (his disastrous mission that went wrong). Together they find out that Vortex is using a drug called timoxeline barbebutenol (restricted material) that allows people to be controlled for a brief time, before dying. They also find out that the three "keys" are needed to access the drug.

After Kate leaves her apartment with Ambrose, English manages to evade the killer cleaner lady from Hong Kong after using a garbage chute to access a dumpster.

English confronts Tucker in the latter's bedroom and convinces Tucker to embark with him on a new mission. Together, they sneak into a heavily-guarded fortress in the Swiss Alps where the premier is to be assassinated. English accidentally triggers the "Agent In Distress" signal which blows their cover. English then gets put into a gully bag where he manages to hop his way to where Pegasus (Gillian Anderson) is. English convinces her that Ambrose is the traitor, just before she attempts to drink the beverage in which the drug is put. 

English accidentally drinks it instead, making him obey Ambrose. Pegasus is knocked unconscious by English, commanded by Ambrose. Ambrose commands English to kill the premier, before remembering what his master, the monk, taught him and tries to resist it. After a relentless fight with himself, he is successful and survives the drug. Ambrose escapes on an air-suspended gondola lift and English chases after him. He catches up to Ambrose and a fistfight ensues, with English notably enduring several kicks to the groin. English accidentally falls off the car but the snow outside breaks his fall. Ambrose tries to shoot English but he pulls out his supposedly bulletproof umbrella which actually shoots a rocket at the gondola, killing Ambrose.

English is knighted, but, during the ceremony, he finds out that the Queen is the killer cleaner in disguise, and she tries to kill him yet again. He chases after her and violently hits her on the head with a tray, only to find out, when the guards bring the real killer inside, that he has attacked the real Queen.

Let's make this film be your movie list to watch. Really relaxing, cause of Rowan Atkitson act :D Happy watching :D

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