Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Paris Van Java After Midtest

Last monday was my last day of midtest on this semester. Finishing in the end of month and starting short holiday in new month, that means I get my full pocket money :D what a relief!

Eventhough that was a really perfect situation for having fun, but I didn't have someone who'll takes me out. Hmm, I ever though that I'll spend my quality time in my room, just watching DVDs, laying on my bed, and other lazy stuff :D

But, suddenly Mr. G gave me his another suprise :D suddenly knock at my door and show his sweet smile, like wanna say "Hey dear, it's me. I'm coming for you. Take you out and having fun together. Let's dress up in hurry :)" hahaha that's always be you dear, someone who always suddenly come without any text, in a time that I never expected :D

He asked me to watch movies in cinema. Cause that was a week day and has same price as XXI or 21, so we chose Blitz Megaplex at paris Van Java that has more comfortable place to watch :D 

That picture above show what films that I've watched and what time :D

Yeay!! I've watched Johny English Reborn and Real Steel :D *I'll explain you on the next post about the story :)

Between that two films, we had dinner in a rush. We had no much time for waiting. We just had 15 minutes for having dinner before the next film started. First, we were looking for fast food, like KFC. But seems like KFC was still in renovation so we chose Shin Men. I ate my food quickly, so that Mr. G :D Finally we had our seat at Studio 2, though we were late about 15 minutes. 

What a really recommended films for both. Really a great movie day with you :*

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